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I have been going there for a few weeks and i can tell you after my first and second visit i was seeing and feeling a big great difference i even recommended other to come and they love it also you will not regret going . Every one is nice and hard working and fast paced.

Mercedes B.

Best chiropractor hands down!! Dr.Cathy is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and accommodating. I highly Recommend her.

I had my first appointment with them today and I can honestly say I can't wait to go back! The staff and Dr. Cathy were amazing and so professional and welcoming! I feel so much better and in a lot less pain after my adjustment! They took every precaution possible concerning my pregnancy and made sure myself and baby were as safe and comfortable as possible! I definitely look forward to working with them throughout the entirety of my pregnancy and there after!

I literally felt like my insides were burning and my heartburn was killing me. After exhausting just about every other option, I went into see Dr. Cathy for an adjustment and all I can say is WOW! The relief I felt was amazing and I am still heartburn free today! Thank you so much Dr. Cathy!

With excellent customer service, a helpful staff and Dr, Cathy's skillful hands, "Get off My Nerves" holds true to its title. Highly recommended!!

Dr. Cathy and her staff are great.

They are very knowledgeable. They take good care of me and my children. Dr. Cathy is very good with kids. She males them laugh and make them feel comfortable. She adjusted my children several times, then they were finished. And they have different types of therapy.. Everyone there is very nice. I look forward to my appts.

Taunt L.

After having lower back troubles for 3 months, I went to Get Off My Nerves with Dr. Cathy, and my back felt better immediately. It was crazy how quickly the pain subsided. She was such an expert and professional, as well as very funny. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone I know with back issues. I can't wait to go back for my next appointment with Dr. Cathy. She is awesome!!

Julie T.

Love love LOVE this place! It's like a spa day for my back! I always feel like they take my complaints about my back seriously and work to make it better, whatever that takes! I have scoliosis and some other issues (with pulled muscles and stuff) and they took X-rays before doing anything to me and taught me some things to do at home to help with the pain and hopefully prevent future injuries to my back. I could not give a higher recommendation!

Katie M.

A down to earth, practical, educational, nurturing, skilled doctor who enjoys her work and cares deeply about her patience. I have been a patient for 2 years, she has helped me, my daughter, and a number of my friends and family. I get glowing reviews from everyone I send to her.

Journey M.